Meet the Founder
Minaywa Laboso

When I first savored the exquisite taste of baobab juice in the heart of Senegal, it marked the inception of a journey that would forever shape my life's purpose. The enchanting flavors and remarkable health benefits concealed within this extraordinary superfruit were too extraordinary to remain a secret. It was this revelation that birthed the Baobb Fruit Co. Ltd, an enterprise dedicated to harnessing the immense potential of baobab to create natural, nourishing products that foster well-being across the globe.

Our story goes beyond merely crafting natural, nutritious products; it's about crafting a legacy of wellness that spans the globe. We stand firm in our dedication to preserving the essence of baobab, and this commitment extends beyond its remarkable properties. We believe in doing good for our planet and its people. Hence, we meticulously source our baobab fruit from local communities, championing its conservation while ensuring every part of this magnificent fruit finds a sustainable purpose.

Our mission is driven by an unwavering conviction that everyone deserves access to wholesome, life-enriching nourishment, regardless of circumstances. We firmly hold the belief that the baobab tree possesses the transformative potential to change lives, and we are resolutely dedicated to making this transformation a reality.

At Baobb, our foundation is built upon the pillars of quality, sustainability, and innovation. Our pursuit is not merely the creation of exceptional products; it is a relentless commitment to pioneering baobab-related innovations. This includes the development of novel flavours and applications for this remarkable superfruit.
Our vision extends far beyond personal gain, embracing a future of growth and expansion that allows us to give back generously to the communities that have shaped us.

Baobb is more than a company; it is a calling that transcends individual ambitions. We fervently believe in the profound impact of natural, healthful products in enhancing lives and enriching communities. If you seek a company dedicated to sustainability, innovation, and the betterment of humanity, you have arrived at your destination.

"Welcome to Baobb, where our mission is to change lives, one baobab at a time."